May 20, 2014

Hirschl & Adler Modern – Solo Exhibition

Solo exhibition of recent work
Opening September 11, 2014 at Hirschl & Adler Modern, NYC

Lying Shadows

New Exhibition:
Lying Shadows: LARRY KAGAN
Opening June 13, 2014 at The Hyde, Glens Falls , NY

September 22, 2013

Naples Museum of Art and the Butler Institute of American Art

Naples Museum of Art and the Butler Institute of American Art have added works by Kagan to their permanent collections.

September 26, 2009

Wiry Artist Sheds Light on Shadow

“The whimsical nature of the shadow art also impresses viewers. ‘When the light isn’t on, you can imagine how their brain works. They are looking at abstract art,’ said Kagan. ‘Then the light goes on, and they see the shadow and they laugh.’”

June 21, 2009

Students See Artist at Work

“Steel and shadows came together for 33 second-graders in sculptor Larry Kagan’s studio recently … [He] explained how he works with steel to design sculptures that will cast a shadow whose shape is not readily apparent until a light is shined on it.”

May 23, 2009

Kagan’s “Flags” Unfurled

“Artist Larry Kagan tells quite a number of glorious stories with his small, but potent exhibition, “Flags: Variations on a Theme,” a collection of exquisitely rusted metal wrestled into equally fine, unfurled forms.”

February 6, 2007

OK Harris Exhibit, NYC

Click to read reviews and see photos from Larry Kagan’s 2007 Exhibit at OK Harris Works of Art in New York City.

September 16, 2005

Shedding Light on Shadows

A review of Larry Kagan’s work with shadows. Published in Omni No. 4, Autumn 2005.